Our Story

The Bruchi's Way

The words fresh and quality are thrown around so much among restaurants today that they have lost their validity. We could tell you that we have the freshest, highest quality products (and we do), but what would that mean to you when everybody else claims the same. We will be honest and tell you that all of our ingredients are prepped in-house. That means baking bread every morning, slicing quality meats, veggies, and cheeses, roasting and preparing our turkey, and marinating chicken in our original recipe. None of our finished products are pre made or pre cooked. Every cheesesteak, sub sandwich, burger, and salad is prepared to order. Doing all of our prep in-house and making every product to order is the philosophy we’ve had from the start, and will be the philosophy for our future. Since Bruchi’s was founded in 1990, it has been, and always will be, about serving deliciously superior products. We can boast about being fresh, but quite frankly we feel the proof is in our products.

Bruchi's Heritage

Bruchi’s Subs and Sandwiches was founded on January 2, 1990 in Spokane, Washington. With a strong desire to be successful, our founder knew that if he kept it simple he could bring to life his vision of providing customers with delicious products and memorable service at a reasonable price. One year later in 1991 we added a cheesesteak sandwich to our menu and changed our name to Bruchi’s CheeseSteaks & Subs. The future success of the company was discovered, selling cheesesteaks.

Since that first store in North Spokane, we have come a long way and established ourselves as the cheesesteak and sub authority in Eastern Washington. The original vision, enthusiasm, and core values that were infused in the company are still alive today, and are the reason why we have been so successful. We have perfected the art of sandwich making and are ready to bring our concept to new markets.


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